How to configure the authorization based on commands for S5700 administrator account case

Publication Date:  2014-11-29 Views:  1116 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
The customer wants to know how to configure the users authorization based on commands for switch S5700.  
The configuration includes two parts, one is the configuration on S5700, other part is the configuration on the TACACS server.

On the switch S5700 side, need to configure the authorization method based on the commands by using the following commands:

authorization-scheme test               
  authorization-mode hwtacacs
  authorization-cmd 3 hwtacacs
  authorization-cmd 15 hwtacacs
      //This means the level 3 and 15 users based on commands

On the TACACS server side, need to set the commands for users,for example as following:

Notice: This function needs the TACACS server supports.