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S2:先通过dir查看文件是否已上传成功,再通过startup system-software指定其为系统启动文件。

Directory of flash:/

  Idx  Attr     Size(Byte)  Date        Time(LMT)  FileName
    0  -rw-            914  Feb 10 2008 14:03:46   private-data.txt
    1  -rw-            120  Mar 22 2008 23:03:37   vrpcfg
    2  -rw-        565,486  Jan 01 2008 01:06:45   S2700SI-V100R006C03.WEB.ZIP
    3  -rw-      6,573,876  Jan 01 2008 00:01:50   s2700si-v100r006c03.cc 
    4  -rw-            396  Jan 18 2008 03:50:29   hostkey
    5  -rw-            540  Jan 18 2008 03:50:36   serverkey
    6  -rw-          5,561  Jan 18 2008 00:19:56   initnew.cfg
    7  -rw-      1,095,435  Mar 06 2008 14:32:45   s2700_v100r006sph018.pat
    8  -rw-             36  Mar 06 2008 15:10:54   $_patchstate_reboot

14,632 KB total (6,536 KB free)

<s2700-SI>startup system-software flash:/s2700si-v100r006c03.cc
Info: Succeeded in setting the software for booting system.

S3:display startup确认下次启动软件是否为指定文件,若一切正常,执行reboot操作,使系统加载新软件启动。

<s2700-SI>display startup
  Configured startup system software:        flash:/s2700si-v100r006c03.cc
  Startup system software:                   flash:/s2700si-v100r006c03.cc 
  Next startup system software:              flash:/s2700si-v100r006c03.cc
  Startup saved-configuration file:          flash:/vrpcfg.zip  
  Next startup saved-configuration file:     flash:/vrpcfg.zip  
  Startup paf file:                          NULL
  Next startup paf file:                     NULL
  Startup license file:                      NULL
  Next startup license file:                 NULL
  Startup patch package:                     NULL
  Next startup patch package:                NULL


P.S. 如果flash空间不够,可以先删除原来的VRP文件;但有些型号/版本无法直接删除正在使用的系统或配置文件,如下:

<s2700-SI>delete s2700si-v100r006c03.cc 
Error: flash:/s2700si-v100r006c03.cc cannot be deleted, because it may be a system file.



如果删除系统文件时报上述错误,须在隐藏视图下执行undo startup system-software后再执行删除操作,如下: 


[s2700-SI]diag   (有些老设备是进入隐藏模式_h 密码为:Vrp&8031

Enter diagnose view, return user view with Ctrl+Z.

Warning: The diagnosis view is used to debug system hardware and software. Misuse of certain commands in this view may affect system performance. Therefore, use these commands with the guidance of Huawei engineers.

[s2700-SI-diagnose]undo startup system-software



<s2700-SI>delete s2700si-v100r006c03.cc 
Delete flash:/s2700si-v100r006c03.cc ?[Y/N]:Y




2.删除文件后须在用户模式下执行:reset recycle-bin ,否则之前占用的空间无法释放。