FAQ-如何使用命令行实现FAT AP wep+open 认证配置

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如何使用命令行实现FAT AP wep+open 认证配置?

把FAT AP分成两部分




[Huawei]dhcp enable    全局开启dhcp 功能
Info: The operation may take a few seconds. Please wait for a moment.done.
[Huawei]vlan 10             创建vlan10 (业务vlan)
[Huawei]interface vlan 10      对vlan10 配置Ip地址
[Huawei-Vlanif10]ip address 24
[Huawei-Vlanif10]dhcp select interface   配置段为地址池, 为网关

[Huawei]interface Wlan-Bss 1          配置空口
[Huawei-Wlan-Bss1]port hybrid pvid vlan 10
[Huawei-Wlan-Bss1]port hybrid untagged vlan 10
[Huawei-Wlan-Bss1]di this
interface Wlan-Bss1
port hybrid pvid vlan 10
port hybrid untagged vlan 10

[Huawei-wlan-view]wmm-profile name ?   配置多媒体模板,名为bangwwei
  STRING<1-31>  Profile name
[Huawei-wlan-view]wmm-profile name bangwei

[Huawei-wlan-view]radio-profile name bangwei    本置射频模板,名为bangwwei
[Huawei-wlan-radio-prof-bangwei]wmm-profile name bangwei

[Huawei-wlan-view]traffic-profile name bangwei     配置流量模板,名为bangwwei

[Huawei-wlan-view]security-profile name  bangwei   配置安全模板,名为bangwwei
[Huawei-wlan-sec-prof-bangwei]security-policy wep        sta认证策略使用wep认证
  Info: If the security-profile bound by lots of ESS, it could take a few minutes.
[Huawei-wlan-sec-prof-bangwei]wep authentication-method ?   配置wep 开认证
  open-system  Open system
  share-key    Share key
[Huawei-wlan-sec-prof-bangwei]wep authentication-method open-system
[Huawei-wlan-sec-prof-bangwei]di this

[Huawei-wlan-view]service-set name bangwei      配置服务集
  TEXT<"...">  SSID value
[Huawei-wlan-service-set-bangwei]ssid bangwei       配置ssid,名为bangwei
[Huawei-wlan-service-set-bangwei]security-profile name bangwei   将security-profile绑定到服务集
[Huawei-wlan-service-set-bangwei]traffic-profile name  bangwei   将traffic-profile绑定到服务集
[Huawei-wlan-service-set-bangwei]wlan-bss 1   将wlan-bss绑定到服务集
[Huawei-wlan-service-set-bangwei]di this
  Wlan-Bss 1
  ssid bangwei
  traffic-profile id 0
  security-profile id 0

[Huawei]interface Wlan-Radio 0/0/0    配置无线发射接口
[Huawei-Wlan-Radio0/0/0]radio-profile name  bangwei     绑定radio-profile
Warning: Modify the Radio type may cause some parameters of Radio resume default value, are you sure to continue?[Y/N]:y
[Huawei-Wlan-Radio0/0/0]service-set name  bangwei    绑定service-set
[Huawei-Wlan-Radio0/0/0]di this
interface Wlan-Radio0/0/0   这是2.4G的接入
radio-profile id 0
service-set id 0 wlan 1


  The current configuration will be written to the device.
  Are you sure to continue? (y/n)[n]:y
  It will take several minutes to save configuration file, please wait.........................
  Configuration file had been saved successfully
  Note: The configuration file will take effect after being activated