Busy Tone Played After Phone Pick-up

Publication Date:  2015-07-15 Views:  328 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
following alarm information is displayed when the user uses a serial cable to log in to the SoftCo.

ASSERT(0)  [cm_rmmsgproc.c]: 1210
ASSERT(0)  [urm_adp.c]: 2233
[rm.c  4365] Alloc CDSP failed!
[rm.c  4390] Alloc GDSP failed!
Handling Process
Step 1 Log in to the SoftCo and run the show subscriber command to verify that a number is assigned for the user in the corresponding POTS port.

Step 2 Run the show board command to check whether the MRU exists.
  • If no MRU exists, run the config add board slot <2-9> type mru command to add one.
  • If the MRU exists, check whether the MRU is in the OK state.
             If the MRU is not in the OK state, check whether the MRU is inserted in the slot properly.
1. If no, insert the MRU properly.
2. If yes, change another MRU.

Step 3 If the fault persists, contact Huawei technical support engineers.

Root Cause
The possible causes are as follows:
  • No number is assigned for the user.
  • The MRU fails to be added to the SoftCo.