FAQ-Setting a Password on the iMana CLI

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Issue Description
Setting a Password on the iMana CLI.
1.  Log in to the iMana command-line interface (CLI).

2.  Run the userlist command to query the user names and permission of all existing users.

root@BMC:/#ipmcget -d userlist
ID      Name               Privilege
1                         NO ACCESS
2       root              ADMINISTRATOR
3       test              ADMINISTRATOR
4                         NO ACCESS
5                         NO ACCESS
6                         NO ACCESS
7                         NO ACCESS
8                         NO ACCESS
9                         NO ACCESS
10                        NO ACCESS
11                        NO ACCESS
12                        NO ACCESS
13                        NO ACCESS
14                        NO ACCESS
15                        NO ACCESS
16                        NO ACCESS
17                        NO ACCESS

3.  Run the password command to change the passwords for the existing user names.

root@BMC:/#ipmcset -d password -v test
Input your password:****
Set user passowrd successfully.