Operation Failure Due to an Internal Error

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Issue Description
When an agent attempts to log in to the Agent Client system, the message "Operation failure due to an internal error" is displayed.
Handling Process
1. Check whether the CTI and Agent Server can ping each other.
If yes, go to the next step.
If no, check the network between the CTI and Agent Server to rectify the fault.
2. View the Agent Server logs.
a. Log in to the Agent Server as the elpis user.
b. View the logs.
tail -f /home/elpis/tomcat7/logs/catalina.out
3. If the error logs listed in Table 5-2 are found, rectify the fault accordingly.
Table 5-2 Troubleshooting method

Root Cause
 The connection between the CTI Server and the Agent Server fails.
 The CTI is not started or works incorrectly.
 The Agent Server IP address is not configured under the WAS node on the web configuration console.