FAQ-How Can I Query NAT Details

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How Can I Query NAT Details?
You can query NAT information based on flow logs, which record the source IP addresses, source ports, destination IP addresses, and destination ports before and after NAT of each session, including NAT information.

Two syslogs are used as an example. (In practice, binary logs are recommended because heavy traffic in syslog mode exerts severe impacts on performance.)

%Apr  2 02:35:06 2000 USG SEC/5/SESSION:Protocol:tcp;; -->; [2000/4/2 2:15:12 - 2000/4/2 2:19:21] status:1
%Apr  2 03:01:07 2000 USG SEC/5/SESSION:Protocol:udp;; -->; [2000/4/2 2:55:35 - 2000/4/2 2:58:58] status:2

To query binary logs, use the dedicated eLog server.