Tabletop Displays Show Only the Center Telepresence Codec's Video

Publication Date:  2015-08-07 Views:  182 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
After the telepresence host is powered on or restarted, the tabletop displays show the video of the center telepresence codec.
Handling Process
Step 1 Verify that the video matrix's settings are correct on the telepresence host web interface.

Step 2 Verify that the center telepresence codec's settings are correct.

           The HD Video Out 2 port for the center telepresence codec must not be set to Display local video.

Step 3 Verify that the cable connection is correct.
Root Cause
The cable connection is incorrect.

The video matrix settings on the telepresence host web interface are incorrect.

The settings on the center telepresence codec are incorrect.