How to completely disable MCU Dust filter cleaning alarm on SMC2.0

Publication Date:  2015-12-31 Views:  341 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

Customer reported that MCU dust filter cleaning alarm still appeared on SMC2.0 even after deleting it and cleanning MCU's dust filter.

It's NOT a real alarm triggered by MCU, but a reminder generated on SMC2.0.


SMC2.0: V100R003C10SPC100

MCU: VP9660 V200R001C30SPC400/VP9660 V200R001C30SPC200

Alarm Information
Alarm: Please clean MCU dust filter in time
Handling Process

1.Disable the MCU dust filter cleaning alarm on SMC2.0


2.Clear the alarm info on SMC2.0


Root Cause

The old version of SMC2.0 was NOT delete the pseudo alarm completely.

It has been resolved on SMC2.0 V100R003C10SPC900 or the later.

As provided in the procedure.