FAQ: NE20E-S save configuration backup to FTP server failed

Publication Date:  2016-06-15 Views:  1315 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Q:After set save-configuration backup to server, there is no configuration upload to server via FTP.

A:In following situation, NE20E will not backup configuration to FTP server.

1.The route between NE20E and FTP server is unreachable.

2.FTP protocol is not on server.

3.The delay time or interval time of automatically save does't reach.By default delay time is 5 minutes and interval time is 30 minutes.

4.Saved configuration manually after configuration changed.

5.There is no configuration changed.

6.To prevent the antosave function from affecting system performance,by default NE20E will not backup configuration to server if CPU-usage is higher than 50%.