E9000 MM board AD setting

Publication Date:  2016-12-23 Views:  1102 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

setting as below, but customer can't login with LDAP user

Alarm Information
Handling Process

1. OU name can have space, need create another OU, change as below

2. according to LDAP setting, change as below

LDAP  User Domain should be: CN=Users,DC=DFZQ,DC=COM,DC=HK

Group configuration should be: CN=BladeAdmin,CN=Users,DC=DFZQ,DC=COM,DC=HK

3. still can't login with LDAP user, after install CA client in AD server, it's recover

Root Cause

1. OU can't include space

2. setting should according to product document

3. AD server need install CA client


LADP setting