FAQ-How to upgrade the 10GE NIC driver of HDP3500E

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Issue Description
How to upgrade the 10GE NIC driver of HDP3500E?
1. Download the “OceanStor VTL6900 V100R005C00SPH501.zip” file, the download link is as follows:

2. Decompress the “OceanStor VTL6900 V100R005C00SPH501.zip”, enter the following path:
“OceanStor VTL6900 V100R005C00SPH501\VTL6900_V100R005C00SPH501\VTL6900_V100R005C00SPH501\driver\suse-”

3. upload “ixgbe.ko” file to /home on HDP3500E.

4. Execute following command to back up old driver, and then replace it.

hdp3500e:~ # cd /lib/modules/
hdp3500e:/lib/modules/ # mv ixgbe.ko ixgbe_54.ko
hdp3500e:/lib/modules/ # cp /home/ixgbe.ko ./
hdp3500e:/lib/modules/ # chmod 644 ./ixgbe.ko

5. Reboot the HDP3500E
hdp3500e:~# reboot -f

6. Execute following command to check upgrade result, if the version is 3.23.2, upgrade is successful.
hdp3500e:~# lsmod | grep -i ixgbe
hdp3500e:~# modinfo ixgbe | grep ^version
version:        3.23.2
hdp3500e:~ #