OceanStor Toolkit V100R002C20SPC300

Purpose For Business Publication Date 2015-06-05 Status Valid
Last Updated Validity Period Patch Attributes
Usage Area Version Type Software Type
Description Please download the Toolkit installation package . If you have any questions, refer to the operation guide
Release Details
Version and Patch Software
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Software Name Size Publication Date Download
OceanStor Toolkit V100R002C20SPC300.zip
91.49MB 2015-06-05
OceanStor Toolkit V100R002C20SPC300_Pkg_CloudService.zip
3.98MB 2015-06-05
OceanStor Toolkit V100R002C20SPC300_Tool_InfoCollect.zip
21.44MB 2015-06-05
OceanStor Toolkit V100R002C20SPC300_Tool_Inspection.zip
27.93MB 2015-06-05
OceanStor Toolkit V100R002C20SPC300_Tool_cru.zip
57.25MB 2015-06-05
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OceanStor Toolkit V100R002C20SPC300 Upgrade Guide
OceanStor Toolkit V100R002C20SPC300 Release Notes