FAQ-Can Encrypted Passwords Be Copied and Pasted to Another Device

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  135 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Can encrypted passwords such as Telnet or tunnel passwords be copied and pasted to another device? 

Alarm Information

Handling Process
Encrypted passwords can be copied and pasted. The pasted password is still the original password.
For example, a Telnet user named test and its password test are set on the device A.
[Quidway]local-user test
New local user added.
[Quidway-luser-test]password cipher test
[Quidway-luser-test]service-type telnet
The configuration is as follows:
local-user test
password cipher =W6JJ`N_LBKQ=^Q`MAF4<1!!
service-type telnet
The configuration on device A is copied and then pasted to device B. Then, the user named test can log in to device B by using the password test. 

Root Cause