Configuring an NE through Web Mode

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Issue Description
If you fail to log in to the security NE in Web mode, right-click the security NEs, choose Repair Web User from the shortcut menu, and then re-log in to the security NEs individually.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
                                Step 1     Set the Telnet parameters of an NE.
1.         Select an added NE, right-click, and then choose Set NE Telnet/STelnet Parameter from the shortcut menu.
2.         In the Device Telnet/STelnet Parameter Management dialog box, set the parameters.
3.         Click Test.
A dialog box prompting the test result is displayed. Then click OK.
4.         After the test is successful, click OK.
                                Step 2     Right-click an NE in the Main Topology and choose Login Web from the shortcut menu.
After you log in to the Web browser, the Security LCT Browser tab is displayed.
                                Step 3     Configure details about the NE in the Web browser.

Follow-up Procedure
Manually synchronize configurations of NEs.
1.         Select an added NE, right-click, and then choose Data Synchronization from the shortcut menu.
2.         On the Data Synchronization tab, click Advance and then select the NE configurations to be synchronized.
3.         Click OK to return to the Data Synchronization tab.
4.         Click Synchronization to synchronize the NE configurations to the VSM.

Root Cause