Handle methods for certification prompt error when access virtual gateway

Publication Date:  2012-09-12 Views:  120 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
 It prompts certification alarm sometimes when access the virtual gateway, then how to cancel the certification alarm?
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Two ways for handling:
1、 making device certification for SVN3000, CN field of certification is the same with ip address of virtual gateway. Export certification as prompt says on client. The CN field in theme must be the same with address of virtual gateway.
2、 Export certification as certification told you, and cancel the check on site name in IE browser.
Tools > internet option > advanced, cancel “send alarm to inefficacy site certification”.
Root Cause
There are two reasons for certification alarm:
1、 browser checked illegal certification.
2、 The CN field of subject field in certification isn’t the ip address of virtual gateway, the virtual gateway thought not to be the owner of certification when browser checks. Then alarm appears.