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DDNS failed because i was unable to insert question mark into url

Publication Date:  2014-09-15 Views:  1129 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
AR150 V200R003C01SPC900. DDNS policy fail to authenticate becuase  i was unable to input the question mark. 

Alarm Information
<Huawei>display ddns policy
Policy name          : xxx
Policy interval time : 60
Policy URL           : http:/'
Policy bind count    : 1
=====  interface Cellular2/0/0 ======
  Statuses           : AUTHENTICATION FAILED

Handling Process
you can use the hot-key to insert question mark(?).  CTRL+T and comply with the format.

<R2-AR2220-1>dis hotkey
----------------- HOTKEY -----------------

            =Defined hotkeys=
Hotkeys Command
CTRL_G  display current-configuration
CTRL_L  undo idle-timeout
CTRL_O  undo debugging all

           =Undefined hotkeys=
Hotkeys Command

            =System hotkeys=
Hotkeys Function
CTRL_A  Move the cursor to the beginning of the first line
CTRL_B  Move the cursor one character left
CTRL_C  Stop current command function
CTRL_D  Erase current character
CTRL_E  Move the cursor to the end of the Last line
CTRL_F  Move the cursor one character right
CTRL_H  Erase the character left of the cursor
CTRL_K  Kill outgoing connection when connecting
CTRL_N  Display the next command from the history buffer
CTRL_P  Display the previous command from the history buffer
CTRL_T  Function as a question mark
CTRL_W  Delete the word left of the cursor
CTRL_X  Delete all characters up to the cursor
CTRL_Y  Delete all characters after the cursor
CTRL_Z  Return to the user view
CTRL_]  Kill incoming connection or redirect connection
ESC_B   Move the cursor one word back
ESC_D   Delete remainder of word
ESC_F   Move the cursor forward one word
Enter system view, return user view with Ctrl+Z.

[R2-AR2220-1]ddns policy me
[R2-AR2220-1-ddns-policy-me] url http://xxxx:xx@members.xxxx/nic/update?
  STRING<20-256>  Name ,password and url
[R2-AR2220-1-ddns-policy-me]dis thi
[R2-AR2220-1-ddns-policy-me]dis this
ddns policy me
url http://xxxxx:xxxxxx@xxxx/nic/update?
Root Cause
customer didn't input the url with the right format.