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Failed to Associate Resources on Dell MD3200I Storage Device with a Host

Publication Date:  2015-03-10 Views:  1209 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
On the FusionCompute portal, storage resources on the Dell MD3200I storage device failed to be associated with a host. 
Handling Process
Change the name of the initiator based on the format.

Associate the storage resources with the host again after the initiator name is changed.

Procedure for changing the initiator name:
1. If FusionCompute V100R003C00SPC200 or later is used, choose VDC Management > Host and Cluster. Select the related site, cluster, and host. Click Configuration > Storage Resource.

2. On the page displaying initiators, locate the target initiator, click Operation, and select Modify to change the initiator name.

3. If FusionCompute V100R003C00SPC100 is used, perform the following operation to change the initiator name:
(1) Use PuTTY to log in to the active target host as user gandalf.
Ensure that the management IP address is used to establish the connection.
(2) Run the su command and enter the password of user root to switch to user root.
(3) Run the TMOUT=0 command to disable logout on timeout.
(4) Run the sh /opt/galax/eucalyptus/ecs_scripts/bsb/scsi/ {Initiator name} command to change the initiator name.
Initiator name in the command indicates the new name of the initiator.
Root Cause
After we log in to the failed host, the storage device IP address can be pinged from the host. Then we run the iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p Storage IP address -d 7 command to manually perform the discovery operation. The example command output is as follows.

The message "discovery login to rejected:initiator error(02/00)" is displayed in the command output, as shown in the following figure.

Based on the error message, we found that the fault is caused by invalid initiator name. An IP SAN storage device uses one of the following three modes for initiator name verification:
 No requirements on initiator name: This mode is usually used by Huawei storage devices and some third-party storage devices.
 Verifying only the header of the initiator name: In this mode, an initiator can pass the verification only when the initiator name starts with iqn. Hitachi storage devices use this mode.
 Strictly verifying the initiator name: In this mode, an initiator can pass the verification only when the initiator name is named in the following format: The NetApp storage devices use this mode.

After checking, we found that initiators for the Dell storage device are named in the format.
If a third-party storage device is used in the FusionCompute system, ensure that the name of the initiator is in the format before you associate storage resources on the device with the host.