FS disconnected cause the call can't reach the agent

Publication Date:  2014-08-11 Views:  241 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
after configraution ,customer just want to test the basic call from u2980 to agent ,but after start call ,no any sound ,then disconnect .
Alarm Information
no any sound ,just  disconnect after some seconds .
Handling Process
ping the bear IP of MSU , no problem 

check the status of FS ,found that the status is  configured ,but disconnect .

check the configration both in UAP and FS ,we found that in the file exports ,the shared path haven't configured yet .

after add it to /etc/exports , the fs connected .

then test the call ,issue resovled .
Root Cause
MSU bearip problem
FS problem .
MSU must connect FS in U2980 .