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Contact Center Name Is Not Displayed on the CMS Login Page

Publication Date:  2015-06-29 Views:  538 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
On the CMS login page, the contact center name is not displayed in the Contact Center field, as shown in Figure 9-14.
Figure 9-14 CMS login page
Handling Process
1. Check the CMS IP address on the web configuration console.
a. Log in to the web configuration console as a system administrator.
b. Choose Web Configuration Console > System Configuration > WAS.
c. On the WAS page, check the CMS IP address.
If the CMS IP address does not exist, click Add to add the CMS IP address.
2. Check the contact center information in the was.xml file.
a. Log in to the CMS server as the cms user.
b. Go to /home/cms/CMS_Release/conf.
cd /home/cms/CMS_Release/conf
c. Open the was.xml file and check the contact center information.
vi was.xml
The contact center information is as follows:
<callcenter id="1" name="callcenter1"    //Enter the ID and name of the contact center.
           <host></host>         //Enter the IP address of the active CCS.
           <host></host>        //Enter the IP address of the standby CCS. If only one CCS is deployed, leave this parameter empty.
If the contact center information is incorrect, correct the information and save it.
3. Check the CMS ICDComm.
a. Log in to the CMS server as the cms user.
b. Go to /home/cms/icdcomm/log.
cd /home/cms/icdcomm/log
c. View the ICDComm startup log.
− If information similar to the following is displayed, the ICDComm is installed and started successfully:
cms@linuxhuawei:~/icdcomm/log> cat icdcomm.log
[20867: 2011-08-16 16:27:18]cfg file: /home/cms/icdcomm/config/icdcomm.cfg
[20867: 2011-08-16 16:27:18]Control file path: /hwshare
[20867: 2011-08-16 16:27:18]Identify self IP address[1]:
[20868: 2011-08-16 16:27:18]Start ICDComm V3.0D340 (IPCKEY=12345678).
[20868: 2011-08-16 16:27:18]INFO:will reopen shm.last shmget info:2.
[20868: 2011-08-16 16:27:18]Start running......
[20868: 2011-08-16 16:27:18]Bind IP [] port[8888] success.

− If information different from the preceding is displayed, restart the ICDComm.
cd /home/cms/icdcomm/bin
4. Check the CMS service.
a. Log in to the CMS server as the cms user.
b. Stop the daemon process.
If no daemon process is configured, skip this step.
cd /home/cms/CMS_Release/bin
./ stop
c. Stop the CMS service.
d. Wait at least 10 minutes.
e. Start the CMS service.
− If the daemon process is configured, start the daemon process.
The daemon process will start the CMS service automatically.
./ start
− If the daemon process is not configured, start the CMS service manually.
Root Cause
 The CMS server IP address is not added on the web configuration console.
 The contact center information is not configured in the was.xml file of the CMS system.
 The CMS ICDComm is not started.
 The CMS service fails to start so that the CMS server cannot obtain the contact center information.