FAQ-Why Does the Application Server Break Down If the Storage System Is Powered Off Unexpectedly When I/O Operations on File Systems and Raw Disks Are Performed on the Solaris Application Server

Publication Date:  2015-07-23 Views:  246 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Map multiple LUNs on storage devices to the same Solaris application server, partition the storage space mapped by LUNs, and format the storage space into file systems. Run cp to perform I/O operations on file systems. Meantime, run dd to perform I/O operations on raw disks. Why does the application server break down during I/O operations if the storage system is powered off unexpectedly?

This is a normal phenomenon. The operating system breaks down and the host is halted for the Solaris application server to protect data consistency. The application server automatically restarts after a period of time. If the application server does not restart automatically, power off the application server and manually start it.