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OceanStor BCManager V200R001C10 eReplication Alarm Reference 04

Date sortie :2017-09-30 Vues :7387 Téléchargements: 10 N° document : EDOC1000145680 Version produit : OceanStor BCManager V200R001
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0x3230008 Failed to Execute a Protected Group

0x323000D Invalid Protected Group

0x323000E VM Is Removed From a Protected Group

0x3230011 VMs in a Protected Group Belong to Different Environments

0x3230014 Failed to Back Up System Configuration Data

0x3230015 CPU Usage of the Agent Process Exceeds the Threshold

0x3230016 RPO Requirement Is Not Met

0x3230017 RPO Warning

0xE012C0011 Failed to Register the Trap IP Address with a Device

0x3230018 Failed to Delete a VM Snapshot

0x3230019 Failed to Unfreeze an Application

0x323001A VM Does Not Meet Protection Requirements

0x323001B Abnormal Communication with a Remote Management Server

0x323001C Software Versions Are Inconsistent Between Management Servers

0x323001D Failed to Forcibly Archive Database Logs

0x323001E Failed to Change the Remote Replication Rate

0x323001F License-Authorized Capacity Is Insufficient

0x3230020 VM Resource Mapping Configuration Is Incomplete

0x3230021 Storage Resource Plan for a VM Does Not Meet Snapshot Protection Requirements and the VM I

0x3230022 Storage Resource Plan for a VM Does Not Meet Remote Replication or HyperMetro Protection R

0x3230023 VM Configuration Does Not Meet Host Replication Protection Requirements and the VM Is Not

0x3230024 Certificate Has Expired

0x3230025 Certificate Is Not Trusted

0x3230027 The DR Configuration of Volumes That Are No Longer Used by VMs Is Not Cleared

0x3230028 Failed to Clear the DR Configuration of a VM

0x3230029 Replication Protection Is Not Configured for Volumes Used by a VM

0x000803220001 CPU Usage of the BCManager Server Exceeds the Threshold

0x000803220002 Memory Usage of the BCManager Server Exceeds the Threshold

0x000803220004 Disk Usage of the BCManager Server Exceeds the Threshold

0x000803220005 NE Offline

0x000803220101 Failed to Authenticate Reported SNMP Alarms

0x00080322000d Failed to Obtain a Device Engine ID

0x323002c The Placeholder VM Does Not Exist

0x323002d The Placeholder VM Is Not Configured

0x323002e Configurations of the Placeholder VM and the VM Are Inconsistent

0x323002f The HyperMetro Status Is Abnormal

0x3230030 HA Heartbeat Disconnection

0x3230031 HA Synchronization Failure

0x3230033 HA Link Interruption

0x3230034 HA Gateway Inaccessible

0x3230035 GaussDB Not Running

0x3230036 Arbitration Service Abnormal

0x3230037 Service Instance Switchover Failure

0x3230038 Service Instances Reprotection Failure

0x3230039 Planned Migration of Service Instance Failed

0x323003A VM Does Not Meet Protection Requirements

0x323003B DR Configurations of Unused Volume Resources Not Cleared

0x323003C Replication Protection Is Not Created for Volumes Used by a VM

0x323003D Removal of Protected VMs from Service Instance

0x323003E Service Instance Not Meet Fault Recovery Requirements

0x323003F IAM Certificate Update Failure

0x3230040 Volume Metadata Upgrade Failure

0x3230041 Metering Information Report Failure

0x3230042 Log Report Service Connection Failure

0x3230043 Replication Between The Active And Standby GaussDB Databases In The HA Cluster Is Down

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