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FusionManager V100R005C10U1 Alarm Handling (Server Virtualization,local) 01

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ALM-FusionManager 9002 Communication Between the FusionManager and SNMP Management Station Interrupt

ALM-FusionManager 9201 Failure to Synchronize Time by the FusionManager from the Upper-Layer Time Se

ALM-FusionManager 9202 NTP Service Startup Failure

ALM-FusionManager 9203 FusionManager Server Time Changed

ALM-FusionManager 9204 Time Difference Between the FusionManager and the Upper-Layer Time Server Too

ALM-FusionManager 9206 Failure to Back up Data

ALM-FusionManager 9207 License Is About to Expire

ALM-FusionManager 9208 License Has Expired

ALM-FusionManager 9209 The present resources exceed the limit defined in the license

ALM-FusionManager 9210 The current license is invalid

ALM-FusionManager 9215 System Disk Usage Exceeding the Threshold

ALM-FusionManager 9216 Subscription and Support Service Is About to Expire

ALM-FusionManager 9217 Subscription and Support Service Has Expired

ALM-FusionManager 9220 FusionManager VM Template Lost

ALM-9221 FusionManager F5 Throughput Exceeds the Threshold

ALM-FusionManager 9222 Deployment Services Are Abnormal

ALM-FusionManager 9223 Application Instance in Abnormal State

ALM-FusionManager 9226 FusionManager Active Standby Switchover Disabled

ALM-FusionManager 9300 AM Reports Alarms

ALM-FusionManager 9301 Scheduled Task Failed

ALM-FusionManager 9400 Inconsistent Network Port Group Data Between FusionManager and Hypervisor

ALM-FusionManager 9401 Hypervisor s VTEP Subnet Conflicts with a FusionManager Network

ALM-FusionManager 9402 Inconsistent Data Between FusionManager and VSAM

ALM-FusionManager 9403 Insufficient Reserved CPU Resources

ALM-FusionManager 9404 Insufficient Reserved Memory Resources

ALM-FusionManager 9405 Insufficient Reserved Hard Disk Resources

ALM-FusionManager 9406 AZ Data Is Abnormal

ALM-FusionManager 9801 FusionManager Resource Status Abnormal

ALM-FusionManager 9803 Communication Between FusionManager and Internal Components Interrupted

ALM-FusionManager 9804 The VM is lost on the hypervisor

ALM-FusionManager 9805 Connection Between FusionManager and the Third-Party Components Failed

ALM-FusionManager 9806 Insufficient Cloud Storage Resources

ALM-FusionManager 9807 Download Bill From UDS Failed

ALM-FusionManager 9808 Upload Bill To FTP Failed

ALM-FusionManager 9809 Secondary Storage Device Disconnected from the Hypervisor

ALM-FusionManager 9814 VM Specifications Inconsistent

ALM-FusionManager 9901 Switchover Between Active and Standby FusionManager Nodes

ALM-FusionManager 9902 Heartbeat Interruption Between Two FusionManager Nodes

ALM-FusionManager 9903 File Synchronization Failure Between Two FusionManager Nodes

ALM-FusionManager 9909 Insufficient VDC Quotas

ALM-0x000803220001 FusionManager VM CPU Usage Exceeds the Threshold

ALM-0x000803220002 FusionManager VM Memory Usage Exceeds the Threshold

ALM-0x000803220005 Device Is Offline

ALM-0x000803220104 SMM Cannot Be Detected

ALM-0x000803220110 Faulty Power Supply Module

ALM-0x000803220111 Faulty Fan

ALM-0x000803220116 Server CPU Temperature Exceeds the Warning Alarm Threshold

ALM-0x000803220117 Server CPU Temperature Exceeds the Minor Alarm Threshold

ALM-0x000803220118 Server CPU Temperature Exceeds the Major Alarm Threshold

ALM-0x000803220119 Server CPU Temperature Exceeds the Critical Alarm Threshold

ALM-0x000803220125 Server Is Offline

ALM-0x000803220129 SMM Account Is Abnormal

ALM-0x000803220131 BMC Offline

ALM-0x000803220132 Failed to Detect Fans

ALM-0x000803220133 Failed to Detect Power Supply Modules

ALM-0x000803220135 Firewall Active Standby Fault

ALM-0x000803220137 Firewall Management Link Faulty

ALM-0x000803220139 Firewall Configurations Lost

ALM-0x000803220140 Firewall Configurations and Service Records Are Inconsistent

ALM-0x000803220141 Firewall Configuration Redundant

ALM-0x000803220142 The device IP address is unreachable

ALM-0x000803220143 SSH connection failed

ALM-0x000803220144 SNMP connection failed

ALM-15 1002000 Heartbeat Communication Between Active and Standby VSAM Nodes Interrupted

ALM-15 1007006 Clock Synchronization Process on the VSAM Is Abnormal

ALM-15 1007007 System Timing Service Process on the VSAM Is Abnormal

ALM-15 1007009 Heartbeat Communication Between the VSAM and the NTP Server Interrupted

ALM-15 1007010 VSAM System Time Offset Exceeds 5 Minute

ALM-15 1007011 Client Process on the Configuration Channel Module Is Abnormal

ALM-15 1007019 NTP Server Is Not Configured for a VSAM

ALM-15 1007021 Standby Node Database Is Abnormal

ALM-15 1007025 Statistical Analysis Process Is Abnormal

ALM-15 1007026 Performance Monitoring Process on Management Nodes Is Abnormal

ALM-15 1007027 Database Data Synchronization Between Active and Standby VSAM Nodes Failed

ALM-15 1007099 Failed to Back up or Upload Key Data on the VSAM Node

ALM-15 1008010 Available Resources on Management Nodes Are Going to Be Insufficient

ALM-15 1008011 Database Space Is Going to Be Insufficient

ALM-15 1008012 Logical Disk Usage of Management Nodes Exceeds the Threshold

ALM-15 1010000 Heartbeat Communication Between the VSA and the VSAM Interrupted

ALM-15 1010001 Uncontrolled VSA Detected

ALM-15 1010002 Inconsistent Data Configuration Between the VSAM and the VSA

ALM-15 1010003 VSA Service Abnormal


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