1603 dial to another vender's router problem

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  128 Downloads:  2
Issue Description
Huawei router can't work while another vender's router can work normally with the same configuration.
Handling Process
Debug dialer information on the router,is ok,but the problem is the ppp can't negotiate with the two equipments.The cause is can't pass the authentication.Compare with another vender's router configuration,add a command with "ppp chap host alex" on the interface mode.It's working.Please refer to the attached configuration of another vender's router and Huawei.
Root Cause
For another vender's router,if it didn't set the command"ppp chap host",it will use the hostname as the chap host for chap authentication.For Huawei,it's not the same,so we need to set the chap host by manual.
One branch use Huawei 1603 router to replace another vender's router to dial to the Central Office(another router of another vender) with ISDN line.Copy the configuration of another vender's router to Huawei1603,but Huawei1603 can't access to the Central office.