How to differentiate between the patterns of the T3000 V1R1 and T3000 V1R2

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Issue Description
The T3000 V1R1 has different field replaceable units (FRUs) and bills of material (BOMs) from the T3000 V1R2. If the T3000 V1R1 is mistaken for the T3000 V1R2, FRUs of the T3000 may mismatch the hosts.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
The T3000 V1R1 can be differentiated from the T3000 V1R2 according to their front views:
  1. ong the T3000 V1R1 series, only the T3500 is 4 U high.
  2. The T3000 V1R2 series includes the T3200 (2 U high, as shown in figure 2) and the T3500 G2 (4 U high, as shown in figure 3). The T3500 G2 has a partition between hard disks, whereas the T3500 does not have, as shown in figure 3.
Root Cause
The T3000 V1R1 and the T3000 V1R2 look almost the same.