Failing to Recognize the FC Port on the Backup Server when Configuring the FC Client

Publication Date:  2012-07-19 Views:  178 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
When adding the SAN client, choose FC Channel mode. After Initiator WWPN is chosen, the
WWN of the backup server cannot be discovered even after the system re-scans the WWN.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Step 1 Reassign the switch partition and connect the backup server to the VTL3500.
Step 2 Run the vtl stop all command to stop all services and then run the vtl start all command to
refresh the FC port list.
Step 3 Choose the FC Channel mode to add the SAN client.
Root Cause

Possible Causes
 The FC switch zoning leads to the disconnection between the backup server and the
 The VTL3500 does not refresh the FC port list.

To locate and troubleshoot the fault, do as follows: