Unable to Configure Services in the ISM Due to Faulty PEMs or Fans

Publication Date:  2012-07-22 Views:  132 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

When configuring services in the ISM, the error message The device is faulty and cannot configure services appears.

Product and version information:
  • S2600
  • S5000 series
  • The storage device employs dual controllers
Alarm Information

In the ISM, choose Fault > Fault Management, and the fault messages for offline PEMs or fans can be found in Faults List.

Handling Process
  1. Locate the faulty PEM or fan module according to the information displayed in the Fault Management dialog box.
  2. Reinsert or remove the faulty PEM or fan module.
  3. Restart the ISM to configure services.
Root Cause

Unable to configure services in the ISM due to faulty PEMs or fans.


For storage devices with dual controllers, when one of the PEMs or fans fails, users are not allowed to perform fault monitoring configuration and fault recovery.