Hard Disks Unable to Work Properly Due to the Faulty Backplane of Controller Enclosures

Publication Date:  2012-07-22 Views:  183 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

By observing the disk indicators on a storage device, the "Running" and "Alarm/Location" indicators light off for certain disks. In the ISM, click the device node to check disk status in the function pane. It is found that the areas for centain disks are blank.

Product and version information:
  • S2600
  • S5000 series
Alarm Information
Handling Process
  1. Stop ongoing services.
  2. Contact the technical support for replacing the backplane of controller enclosures.
Root Cause
  1. Stop ongoing services.
  2. Remove the hard disks whose indicators are off, and then insert them to other normal slots.
  3. Check whether the hard disks can work properly and the power and running indicators are lit on correctly.


  • Hard disks cannot work properly due to the faulty backplane of controller enclosures.