Q: Password of Network management user falls due, and couldn’t login after modify it.

Publication Date:  2013-05-02 Views:  249 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
VSM network management client login failed: prompt that the password is the initial password or the password falls due, modify it before access is necessary, but problem still exist after login with network management super user “admin”.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1、 login successfully with other account at the trouble client, remove the reason of client and server software.
2、 Review the user configuration at client and the configuration of account is: “user can’t change the password” chooses “yes”, “efficiency time of password” is “90 days”. It says that modify permission for password hasn’t assigned to this user.
3、 Assign modify permission to user with “admin” account.
Root Cause
Network management client or server software matters.
User configuration matters.