Use the ping tool of VSM network management system can’t ping network element

Publication Date:  2012-09-13 Views:  251 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
In VSM network management system, chose network element, right click “tool> ping”. Can’t ping network element and show “request timeout”, but can ping in command line.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1. Logon monitor client of system.
2. Left click the tag “process monitor” and choose “eam_agent”. A dialog box is popped up and tells you what processes would startup when the process you choose was startup. Left click OK button in the box.
3. Right click and choose “start up process”.
Root Cause
Ping tool of VSM network management is achieved by internal ICMP tool. So it depends on the status of topology process. Checked the process and found “eam_agent” is disabled so couldn’t ping the network element. Enabled it and solved the problem.