ISP ADSL link mac binding caused the AR ADSL card cannot dialer successful

Publication Date:  2014-03-14 Views:  241 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
AR version: V3R1SPC300
The AR ADSL still cannot dialer successfulll even the configuration of AR is same with old ISP modem
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1. The ISP engineer came onsite and told that  every modem in ISP all over the South Africa had binded with MAC address at the back of moderm.
2. The new device had to approve before apply.
Root Cause
1. The configuration of AR dialer interface is the same with ISP modem.
2. The dialer username and password is right.
3. The dialer test between AR is no problem.
4. Maybe there is something wrong with the limitation of ISP.