Automatic Logout Occurs After a User Clicks a VM Icon on the WI to Log In with FusionAccess V100R005C10

Publication Date:  2015-03-05 Views:  383 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
The user VM list is displayed on the WI. After the user clicks a VM, the WI login page for entering username and password is displayed.

Handling Process
Use haporxy (vlb) to perform load balancing. For details, see "(Optional) Installing vAG/vLB Components" in the GPI documentation.
Root Cause
1. The DNS is used to perform load balancing on site. After the user clicks a VM, the WI login page is displayed, which indicates that the session is null.

2. When the DNS performs load balancing, there is a small probability that different WIs are used. That is, a WI is used to query the VM list, but the request for logging in to the VM is sent to another WI. In this case, the session cannot be shared, and the WI login page is displayed finally.
Do not use the DNS to perform load balancing if possible.