FAQ-S series switch password infomation summary

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Issue Description
since there are so many different type password on s series switch, It's hardly to remember them clearly.,what's worse, different version has different password for the same login way.
1、for web login (http )
Version default user  default password   default  privilege
V100R003C00 admin admin 0
V100R005C01 admin admin 0
V100R006C00 admin admin 0
V100R006C05 admin admin@huawei.com 0
V200R100C00 admin admin 0
V200R002C00 admin admin 0
V200R003C00 - V2R6C00 admin admin@huawei.com 0

2、for bootrom
Version default user  default password 
V100R003C00 - 9300
V100R005C01 - huawei
V100R006C00 - Chasis switch:9300
 Box switch:huawei
V100R006C05 - Admin@huawei.com
V200R001C00 - V200R006C00 - Admin@huawei.com