Failure to Display the Calling Number When a User Makes an Outgoing Call Through PRI

Publication Date:  2015-07-14 Views:  155 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
When a SoftCo user makes an outgoing call through primary rate interface (PRI), the call can be connected but the calling number is not displayed on the called party's phone.
Handling Process
Step 1 Trace PRI signaling to verify that the SoftCo has sent the calling number to the peer office.

Step 2 Check the software parameter 257 and verify that the dial plan carried in PRI signaling is consistent with that in the peer office. The following table lists the values for the software parameter 257.

Step 1 If the fault persists, contact Huawei technical support engineers.


Root Cause
The possible cause is that PRI configurations, such as the number type and dial plan, at the local office are different from those configured at the peer office.