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Failure to Invite a User to Join an Instant Conference on an eSpace Client

Publication Date:  2015-07-16 Views:  380 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Version: SoftCo5816 V100R002C04SPC300 and UC1.0 V100R001C01

Network: IMS----SIP----SoftCo----eSpace client

UC account 1000 is bound to an intra-office number 1000 and bound to IMS number 8666 in the One Number Link You (ONLY) service, where the IMS number is used as the ONLY primary number. Intra-office number 1000 calls other intra-office numbers and outer-office numbers successfully, but fails to invite a user to join an instant conference.
Handling Process
Step 1 Run the show subscriber dn xxx type all command to check the instant conference permission of the intra-office number bound to the UC number. If the instant conference permission (instantconf) is not configured, run the config modify subscriber dn xxx operatenewservice add newservicerights instantconf command to add it.

Step 2 Run the show prefix dn #*** command. The output indicates that the instant conference prefix #*** does not exist.

In the command, #*** is the default instant conference prefix. Do not change it.

Step 3 Run the config add prefix dn #*** callcategory new callattribute instantconf cldpredeal no command to configure the instant conference prefix.

Step 4 Verify that intra-office number 1000 can invite intra-office users to join voice and multimedia conferences successfully. However, when intra-office number 1000 invites an outer-office user to join a conference, the outer-office user's phone does not ring and a message is displayed on the eSpace client indicating that the outer-office user has left the conference. When the intra-office number retries, the failure repeats.

Step 5 Trace logs. According to the logs, calls can be initiated to an outer-office user successfully because the calls are set up by using the ONLY number permission. However, when an instant conference is initiated, the permission of the number bound to the UC account is used. Intra-office number 1000 is an intra-office short number, which cannot be used to invite outer-office users to join a conference.

Step 6 Register the number corresponding to the UC account with the IMS and verify that the number can invite outer-office users to join instant conferences.

Root Cause
The possible causes are as follows:
  • No instant conference prefix is configured.
  • The intra-office number bound to the UC account has insufficient permission.