FAQ-How Can the BST Function Be Enabled in the S2600 V100R001 Storage System

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Issue Description
How can the BST function be enabled in the S2600 V100R001 storage system?

Enable the BST function as follows:

1.  Go to the man-machine language (MML) mode.

a.  In command-line interface mode, enter debug and the password to go to the debug mode.

Enter Password:
Storage:~ #

b.  In debug mode, enter mml to go to the MML mode.

Storage:~ # mml
UI_Thread begin to run, host ip=

2.  Run bst enable 3 in MML mode to check whether the BST function is enabled.

MML>bst enable 3
    Status: 2 (1-enable 2-disable)

As shown in the previous screen, if the value of Status is 2, the BST function is disabled.

If the value of Status is 1, the BST function is enabled.

3.  Run bst enable 1 in MML mode to enable the BST function.

MML>bst enable 1
    Set BST status: 1 (1-enable 2-disable)