FAQ-How Can I Resolve the Error "E2111 SBE log disabled on DIMM B3,Reseat DIMM" that Is Reported on the VTL6000 Front Panel

Publication Date:  2015-08-05 Views:  1958 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
How can I resolve the Error E2111 SBE log disabled on DIMM B3,Reseat DIMM that is reported on the VTL6000 front panel.

Product and version information: VTL6000 V100R003C02

The error is caused by an exception of B3 memory module on the VTL6000 engine. The solution is as follows:

1.  Remove the power module. Wait two minutes and insert the power module. Check whether the error is rectified. If no, go to 2.

2.  For details about how to replace B3 memory module, see Replacing a Memory Module in the OceanStor VTL6000 Virtual Tape Library V100R003C02 Troubleshooting.