Severely Cropped or Deformed Videos on the RP200 HD Presentation Display

Publication Date:  2015-08-11 Views:  276 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
The RP200 and a presentation source are connected using a DVI-VGA cable at a site. If the site shares a presentation, the presentation cannot be properly displayed in full screen in the HD presentation display. Instead, the videos are severely cropped or deformed.
Handling Process
Step 1 Log in to the codec web interface. Choose System Settings > Input/Output > Video Output. Set Stretch mode to No stretch and click Save.

Step 2 If the issue persists, adjust the presentation source resolution (from minimum to maximum) until you find a resolution that can be properly displayed.

Step 3 If the issue persists, adjust the display picture size. For example, if you are using a TCL TV, use its remote control to choose picture > picture size and select native.
Root Cause
Stretch mode for the codec output port (to which the presentation source is connected) is set to Stretch or Intelligent stretch.

The RP200 does not support the presentation source resolution.

Display settings are incorrect.