FAQ-How to Obtain the IP Addresses of the Codecs

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How to Obtain the IP Addresses of the Codecs?
  • From the touch panel, select Huawei Telepresence from the application list, and tap Settings in the lower right corner to access the General Settings screen. Then tap Left Codec, Center Codec, and Right Codec in sequence to view the codecs' external network IP addresses.
  • If the touch panel keeps malfunctioning, the preceding method does not work. In this case, perform the following operations to restore the codecs to their default settings and change their default IP address:
Step 1 Power on the codecs. Slide DIP switch 1 of the codecs between upward and downward six times. Restart the codecs.

After the codecs are restarted, the IP addresses of their LAN1 ports are restored to

Step 2 Use a cable to connect a computer to the codecs and change the codecs' default IP addresses.