Configure the backup client for Oracle in Simpana 10.2

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Issue Description

How to configure the Backup client for Oracle  in Simpana 10.2 ?

Handling Process

1.     Install the oracle client (iDATA Agent ), You can use one of the following method to install client:





2.     Right-click the Agent name (oracle), select All Task -> Discover Instance to discover the new instance;


3.    If you can’t discover the instance correctly, you may need to add it Manually.. To add a new oracle instance(SID):

a.       Instance: This is the oracle instance name running in current oracle server

b.       Oracle user: The user installed oracle, usually it’s “oracle”

c.       ORACLE HOME: It’s the executable file after oracle installed.

d. In Details tab, input the corresponding account information for connecting oracle. / stands for sys.

         All of the information could be provided by Oracle DBA. If all configured correct , you can get “OPEN” status as the following figure.




4.     Configure other mandatory information of the instance. 

5.   Create subclient and policies for backup. This is the same procedure with other clients.


It's much different from Oracle RAC client to Oracle client configuration in Simpana 10.2, so I submited 2 cases, one for Oracle, one for Oracle RAC. Please check.