Failed to change the default IP address of LAN2 when setting up a new SC server

Publication Date:  2015-12-13 Views:  302 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

When trying to change the IP address of LAN2 of SC server, it always failed and no any error message was given.
SMC2.0&SC Version: V100R003C10SPC900 

Handling Process

1.Checked the NIC status of LAN2 and found the LAN2 port was down that moment.

2.Connected the LAN2 port to a switch or a laptop and the LAN2 port will be up(its interface indicator will blink).

3.Then SSH logged in SC server with secureCRT7.2.5(IP with 122 port, account/password: admin/Change_Me)  and changed its IP successfully by using the command below.
   system-view sys-config network-config lan2 ipv4 address x.x.x.x netmask x.x.x.x gateway x.x.x.x

Root Cause
The change of IP on LAN2 port didn't take effect when the port was down.

Make the LAN2 port up before changing its IP address.