Huawei and Dell OSPF default route Cost Issue

Publication Date:  2016-02-01 Views:  1033 Downloads:  0
Issue Description


*   Topology


*  OSPF Configuration


default-route-advertise type 1





OSPF External router

ip route-static NULL0

ospf learn the default route (ip route-static NULL0) from external, use the type 1.

*  S12700#1 & S12700#2 same device and same OSPF cost, so it can load balance.




Handling Process

*  S12700#1 & E300#2 different device and different type metric

*  HUAWEI command is

dis ospf lsdb ase  


1.      Change S12700#1 cost to 2,  S12700#2 cost is 10 like the E300 #2

2.      It can not load balance.



Huawei can use the commanddisplay  ospf lsdb ase to Check the ospf default route metric value, and we can use the cost to modify the same value to other device.