OptiX PTN 3900-8 Packet Transport Platform of PTN Series Configuration Guide(V100R002C02_02)

Publication Date:2012-10-05 Views:1697 Downloads: 17 Document No.: DOC0100488710 Product Version: OptiX PTN 3900-8 V100R002 Description:

00-1 Title Page

00-2 About This Document

00-3 Contents

01-01 Process of Configuring a PTN Network

01-02 Configuration Flow for IP over PW Integrated Services

01-03 Creating Network

01-04 Configuring the Equipment-Level Protection

01-05 Configuring LMSP

01-06 Configuring the LAG

01-07 Configuring the Control Plane

01-08 Configuring a Tunnel

01-09 Configuring a QinQ Link

01-10 Configuring the MPLS Tunnel APS Protection

01-11 Configuring Offload Protection

01-12 Configuring the MSTP Protocol

01-13 Configuring the Clock and Time Synchronization

01-14 Service Model

01-15 Overview of QoS

01-16 Configuring Network-Level QoS

01-17 Automatically Searching PTN Services

01-18 Configuring a Service Template

01-19 Configuring a PWE3 Service (E-Line Service ATM Service or CES Service IP over PW Service)

01-20 Configuring an E-LAN Service

01-21 Configuring the V-UNI Group

01-22 Configuring DHCP Relay

01-23 Configuring a Layer 2 Multicast Service

01-24 Configuring Services for the Offload Solution

01-25 Configuring the Services Carried by an MS-PW

01-26 Configuring PW APS

01-27 Composite Service Management

01-28 Configuring Dual-Homing Protection for a Layer 2 Service

01-29 Configuring VRRP

01-30 Configuring Service Mirroring

01-31 Configuring the External Environment Monitoring Interfaces

01-32 Backing up the Configuration Data

01-33 Configuring Interfaces

01-34 Configuring QoS Policy

01-35 Configure the OAM

01-36 Configuring an Inband DCN

01-37 Parameter Reference

01-38 Glossary

01-39 Acronyms and Abbreviations

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