HUAWEI ASG2000 Application Security Gateway V100R001 FAQ

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01-01 Why Does the ASG2050 2100 2150 2200 Web Interface Display that the SD Card Is Broken and the Login F

01-02 Why Does the Drop-down List of a New Network Policy Display No Content Control Policy and Only Part

01-03 Why Does the Drop-down List of a New Network Policy Display Only Audit Policy

01-04 Why Are All Users Suddenly Disconnected from the Internet

01-05 Why Do URL Access Control Failures Occur When the Configuration Is Correct

01-06 Why Is the Authentication Interface Displayed for All Users Accessing the Internet Including Those t

01-07 Why Does a User Fail to Log In to the ASG Using GE 0 0 0 After the Startup Wizard Is Configured Usin

01-08 How Do I Configure a Dedicated Management Interface When the ASG Is Deployed in Gateway Mode

01-09 Why Cannot Application Protocol Traffic Be Viewed in the Running Status Information Online User Sess

01-10 Why Are Previous Configurations Restored When I Use the Startup Wizard to Configure the Off-line Dep

01-11 An IP Address Is Specified for Only a VLAN Interface on the ASG How Can I Log In to the Web UI If I

01-12 Why Can the User on a Network Segment Directly Access the Internet When the Authentication Page Is N

01-13 How Can I Log In to and Manage the ASG from the WAN Zone

01-14 Why the Active ASG Cannot Be Configured as a Policy Center and the Status of Dual-System Hot Backup

01-15 Why Cannot the ASG Manager Receive Logs

01-16 How Can I Activate a License

01-17 Why Does the Internet Access Policy Take Effect After Being Assigned Only to the Root User But Not S

01-18 Why Does the System Display an eLog Naming Service Startup Failure During the Startup of the ASG Man

01-19 Why Cannot I Find the Departments or Users on the ASG After the ASG Manager Is Installed

01-20 Why Does the Internet Explorer 6 Incompletely Display the Login Page

01-21 Why Does the Login Page Stops Responding After I Enter the User Name and Password for Multiple Times

01-22 Why Cannot I Log In to the Configuration Interface on Multiple Types of Browsers at the Same Time

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