OSN 8800 6800 3800 V100R009C00 Supporting Tasks 02

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00-1 Title Page

00-2 About This Document

00-3 Contents

01-01 Performing Software Loopback on NMS

01-02 Performing Hardware Loopback on Site

01-03 Disabling Service-Affecting Settings Automatically

01-04 Checking Fiber Jumpers by Using an Optical Power Meter

01-05 Opening Closing Lasers

01-06 Querying Optical Power of the Board

01-07 Testing Optical Power by Using an Optical Power Meter

01-08 Testing the Optical Power of the MON Port

01-09 Adjusting Adding and Removing Attenuator

01-10 Querying the Gain of Optical Amplifier Boards

01-100 Monitoring the Optical Power by MCA OPM8 Board

01-101 Setting the Board Relay Mode for the Line Boards

01-102 Configuring Electrical Ports of a Board

01-103 Setting the Orderwire Board

01-104 Configuring Orderwire

01-105 Configuring Conference Calls

01-106 Configuring Express Orderwire

01-107 Dividing Orderwire Subnets

01-108 OSC ESC Conflict

01-109 Disabling the Unused Auxiliary Ports

01-11 Adjusting the Gain of Optical Amplifier Boards

01-110 Replicating the NE Data

01-111 Configuring Subrack Cascading Mode of an NE

01-112 Changing a Subrack Attribute

01-113 Querying the Status of a Slave Subrack

01-114 Deleting a Slave Subrack

01-115 Enabling the Port Blocking Function

01-116 Modifying Fiber Cable Information

01-117 Deleting Fibers

01-118 Configuring the Edge Port

01-119 Creating Board Optical Cross-Connection

01-12 Querying the FEC Working State

01-120 Configuring Board WDM Port Attributes

01-121 Configuring Board SDH Interface Attributes

01-122 Configuring the Receive Wavelength of Boards

01-123 Enable the Open Fiber Control (OFC)

01-124 Setting Automatic Laser Shutdown on the WDM Board

01-125 Setting the Function of Board Removal Indication

01-126 Enabling the OAMS Power Monitoring Function

01-127 Setting the Working Mode of an Optical Amplifier Board

01-128 Setting AFEC Grade

01-129 Configuring Port Mirroring

01-13 Enabling the FEC Function

01-130 Configuring Test Frames

01-131 Configuring the RMON

01-132 Collecting Fault Data

01-133 Managing WDM Trail

01-134 Deleting an NE Database

01-135 Inspecting and Cleaning the Optical Fiber Connectors

01-136 Configuring FE Signal Pass-through

01-14 Querying the FEC Mode

01-15 Setting the FEC Mode

01-16 Querying the IPA Restart Mode

01-17 Restarting the IPA Function Manually

01-18 Querying Board Temperature

01-19 Cleaning Air Filters

01-20 Querying the Current Alarms

01-21 Querying Optical Module Information

01-22 Removing and Inserting Fibers

01-23 Performing a Cold Reset of a Board

01-24 Performing a Warm Reset of a Board

01-25 Querying the Insertion Loss Between the TDC and RDC Optical Ports on the OAU1 Board

01-26 Querying and Setting the Service Type on the Client Side of a Board

01-27 Querying and Setting the Working Mode of the Ethernet Port

01-28 Checking Logical Fibers

01-29 Enabling Disabling the ALS Function

01-30 Setting the Channel Use Status

01-31 Querying the Operating Wavelength

01-32 Setting the Alarm Threshold of the Board Input Optical Power

01-33 Setting Alarm Masking

01-34 Setting Alarm Reversion

01-35 Setting Alarm Severity and Auto Reporting

01-36 Setting Alarm Suppression Status

01-37 Checking the Status of Boards

01-38 Enabling Performance Monitoring Function

01-39 Browsing the Current Bit Error Performance

01-40 Checking Historical WDM Performance Events

01-41 Querying Current SDH Performance Events

01-42 Querying Historical SDH Performance Events

01-43 Checking Environment Monitoring Temperature

01-44 Querying Optical Power of the Station

01-45 Querying Optical Power of the Entire Network

01-46 Setting Reference Input Output Optical Power

01-47 Setting Ethernet Port Traffic Monitoring

01-48 Querying Ethernet Port Traffic Monitoring

01-49 Querying IPA Function

01-50 Querying the ALC Function

01-51 Querying the APE Function

01-52 Backing Up Device Data to the NMS Server or the NMS Client

01-53 Querying Protection Switching State

01-54 Creating NEs in Batches

01-55 Setting Communication Parameters of an NE

01-56 Modifying the NE ID

01-57 Checking Communication Parameters

01-58 Creating an NE User

01-59 Setting the Node ID

01-60 Recovering Device Data from the NMS Server or the NMS Client

01-61 Activating the NE Database

01-62 Restoring the NE Database from the CF Card

01-63 Querying the NE User Management Table

01-64 Querying the Node ID of the NE

01-65 Manually Backing Up the NE Database to a CF Card

01-66 Replacing Board Type

01-67 Enabling Disabling the IPA Function

01-68 Modifying the NE Name

01-69 Creating Fiber Connections Between NEs in Graphic Mode

01-70 Creating Internal Fiber Connections of an NE in Graphic Mode

01-71 Creating Fiber Connections in List Mode

01-72 Adding Ports

01-73 Setting Automatic Synchronization of the NE Time with the NMS Time

01-74 Backing Up the NE Database to the SCC Board

01-75 Creating a Single NE

01-76 Switching a Logged-In NE User

01-77 Modifying the Optical NE Name

01-78 Modifying GNE Parameters

01-79 Changing the GNE for NEs

01-80 Changing a GNE to a Non-GNE

01-81 Changing a Non-GNE to a GNE

01-82 Deleting NEs

01-83 Configuring the NE Data Manually

01-84 Adding Boards

01-85 Deleting Boards

01-86 Configuring the Standard NTP Key

01-87 Synchronizing the NE Time with the Standard NTP Server Time

01-88 Setting the Board Performance Threshold

01-89 Setting Performance Monitoring Parameters of a Board

01-90 Resetting Board Performance Registers

01-91 Restoring the NE Database from the SCC Board

01-92 Enabling Disabling Supervision on the Optical Layer

01-93 Switch the Active standby State Back to the Original State

01-94 Switching Protection on NMS

01-95 Checking Network-Wide Software Versions

01-96 Creating Fibers in the Synchronization Mode

01-97 Creating OCh Trails by Trail Search

01-98 Creating Single-Station Optical Cross-Connection

01-99 Configuring Optical Amplifier Boards

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