FusionManager V100R005C00 Alarm Handling (Cloud Data Center) 03

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01-01 ALM-6001 Number of CPU Cores Used by a Tenant Exceeds the Threshold

01-02 ALM-6002 Number of VMs Used by a Tenant Exceeds the Threshold

01-03 ALM-6003 Memory Used by a Tenant Exceeds the Threshold

01-04 ALM-6005 Number of Disks Used by a Tenant Exceeds the Threshold

01-05 ALM-6006 Number of Snapshots Used by a Tenant Exceeds the Threshold

01-06 ALM-6007 Disk Space Used by a Tenant Exceeds the Threshold

01-07 ALM-6008 Failed to Upload Logs to the UDS Server

01-08 ALM-6009 Abnormal Host Component State

01-09 ALM-6010 Time Difference Between the ntp-server and the External Clock Source Exceeds 60 Seconds

01-10 ALM-6011 CPU Usage in the AZ Exceeds the Threshold

01-11 ALM-6012 Memory Usage in the AZ Exceeds the Threshold

01-12 ALM-6013 Disk Usage in the AZ Exceeds the Threshold

01-13 ALM-6014 DNS Server Disconnected

01-14 ALM-6015 ntp-server Fails to Connect to the External Clock Source or the External Clock Source Fails

01-15 ALM-6016 UDS Disconnected

01-16 ALM-6017 Faulty Host

01-17 ALM-6018 Host CPU Usage Exceeds the Threshold

01-18 ALM-6019 Host Memory Usage Exceeds the Threshold

01-19 ALM-6020 Host Logical Disk Usage Exceeds the Threshold

01-20 ALM-6021 Faulty Host Port

01-21 ALM-6022 Heartbeat Communication Between the Host and the NTP Server Interrupted

01-22 ALM-6023 Host Storage Link Failure

01-23 ALM-6024 Management Storage Link Failure

01-24 ALM-6025 Data Store Usage Exceeds the Threshold

01-25 ALM-6026 Faulty Fiber Channels on the Host

01-26 ALM-6027 Rate of an Autonegotiation-Supported Network Port Has Not Reached the Maximum Port Rate

01-27 ALM-6028 Time Difference Between the ntp-client and the ntp-server Exceeds 60 Seconds

01-28 ALM-6029 Automatic Service Backup Failure

01-29 ALM-6030 IP Addresses Conflict

01-30 ALM-6031 Faulty Hypervisor

01-31 ALM-6032 Failed to Check Data Consistency

01-32 ALM-FusionManager 9002 Communication Between the FusionManager and SNMP Management Station Interrupt

01-33 ALM-FusionManager 9201 Failure to Synchronize Time by the FusionManager from the Upper-Layer Time Se

01-34 ALM-FusionManager 9202 NTP Service Startup Failure

01-35 ALM-FusionManager 9203 FusionManager Server Time Changed

01-36 ALM-FusionManager 9204 Time Difference Between the FusionManager and the Upper-Layer Time Server Too

01-37 ALM-FusionManager 9206 Failure to Back up Data

01-38 ALM-FusionManager 9207 License Is About to Expire

01-39 ALM-FusionManager 9208 License Has Expired

01-40 ALM-FusionManager 9209 The present resources exceed the limit defined in the license

01-41 ALM-FusionManager 9210 The current license is invalid

01-42 ALM-FusionManager 9215 System Disk Usage Exceeding the Threshold

01-43 ALM-FusionManager 9216 Free Upgrade Service Is About to Expire

01-44 ALM-FusionManager 9217 Free Upgrade Service Has Expired

01-45 ALM-FusionManager 9224 Failed to Upload Logs to the UDS Server

01-46 ALM-FusionManager 9406 AZ Data Is Abnormal

01-47 ALM-FusionManager 9801 FusionManager Resource Status Abnormal

01-48 ALM-FusionManager 9803 Communication Between FusionManager and Internal Components Interrupted

01-49 ALM-FusionManager 9805 Connection Between FusionManager and the Third-Party Components Failed

01-50 ALM-FusionManager 9814 VM Specifications Inconsistent

01-51 ALM-FusionManager 9901 Switchover Between Active and Standby FusionManager Nodes

01-52 ALM-FusionManager 9902 Heartbeat Interruption Between Two FusionManager Nodes

01-53 ALM-FusionManager 9903 File Synchronization Failure Between Two FusionManager Nodes

01-54 ALM-0x000803220001 CPU Usage of the FusionManager-Located Server Exceeds the Threshold

01-55 ALM-0x000803220002 Memory Usage of the FusionManager-Located Server Exceeds the Threshold

01-56 ALM-0x000803220005 Device Is Offline

01-57 ALM-0x000803220104 SMM Cannot Be Detected

01-58 ALM-0x000803220110 Faulty Power Supply Module

01-59 ALM-0x000803220111 Faulty Fan

01-60 ALM-0x000803220116 Server CPU Temperature Exceeds the Warning Alarm Threshold

01-61 ALM-0x000803220117 Server CPU Temperature Exceeds the Minor Alarm Threshold

01-62 ALM-0x000803220118 Server CPU Temperature Exceeds the Major Alarm Threshold

01-63 ALM-0x000803220119 Server CPU Temperature Exceeds the Critical Alarm Threshold

01-64 ALM-0x000803220125 Server Is Offline

01-65 ALM-0x000803220129 SMM Account Is Abnormal

01-66 ALM-0x000803220131 BMC Offline

01-67 ALM-0x000803220132 Failed to Detect Fans

01-68 ALM-0x000803220133 Failed to Detect Power Supply Modules

01-69 ALM-0x000803220142 FusionManager Fails to Connect to Hardware Devices

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