OSN 8800 6800 3800 V100R010C00 Supporting Tasks 01

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Performing Software Loopback on NMS

Performing Hardware Loopback on Site

Disabling Service-Affecting Settings Automatically

Checking Fiber Jumpers by Using an Optical Power Meter

Opening Closing Lasers

Querying Optical Power of the Board

Testing Optical Power by Using an Optical Power Meter

Testing the Optical Power of the MON Port

Adjusting Adding and Removing Attenuator

Querying the Gain of Optical Amplifier Boards

0 Monitoring the Optical Power by MCA OPM8 Board

1 Setting the Board Relay Mode for the Line Boards

2 Configuring Electrical Ports of a Board

3 Setting the Orderwire Board

4 Configuring Orderwire

5 Configuring Conference Calls

6 Configuring Express Orderwire

7 Dividing Orderwire Subnets

8 OSC ESC Conflict

9 Disabling the Unused Auxiliary Ports

Adjusting the Gain of Optical Amplifier Boards

0 Replicating the NE Data

1 Configuring Subrack Cascading Mode of an NE

2 Changing a Subrack Attribute

3 Querying the Status of a Slave Subrack

4 Deleting a Slave Subrack

5 Enabling the Port Blocking Function

6 Modifying Fiber Cable Information

7 Deleting Fibers

8 Configuring the Edge Port

9 Creating Board Optical Cross-Connection

Querying the FEC Working State

0 Configuring Board WDM Port Attributes

1 Configuring Board SDH Interface Attributes

2 Configuring the Receive Wavelength of Boards

3 Enable the Open Fiber Control (OFC)

4 Setting Automatic Laser Shutdown on the WDM Board

5 Setting the Function of Board Removal Indication

6 Enabling the OAMS Power Monitoring Function

7 Setting the Working Mode of an Optical Amplifier Board

8 Setting AFEC Grade

9 Configuring Port Mirroring

Enabling the FEC Function

0 Configuring Test Frames

1 Configuring the RMON

2 Collecting Fault Data

3 Managing WDM Trail

4 Deleting an NE Database

5 Inspecting and Cleaning the Optical Fiber Connectors

6 Disaster Restoration of NE Configuration Data

7 Creating Fibers Between an OTU Board and a Multiplxer Demultiplexer Board in Batches

8 Configuring the Fiber Type and Fiber Length

9 Configuring Housekeeping Alarm Inputs

Querying the FEC Mode

0 Setting the NE Power Consumption Threshold

1 Configuring FE Signal Pass-through

Setting the FEC Mode

Querying the IPA Restart Mode

Restarting the IPA Function Manually

Querying Board Temperature

Cleaning Air Filters

Querying the Current Alarms

Querying Optical Module Information

Removing and Inserting Fibers

Performing a Cold Reset of a Board

Performing a Warm Reset of a Board

Querying the Insertion Loss Between the TDC and RDC Optical Ports on the OAU1 Board

Querying and Setting the Service Type on the Client Side of a Board

Querying and Setting the Working Mode of the Ethernet Port

Checking Logical Fibers

Enabling Disabling the ALS Function

Setting the Channel Use Status

Querying the Operating Wavelength

Setting the Alarm Threshold of the Board Input Optical Power

Setting Alarm Masking

Setting Alarm Reversion

Setting Alarm Severity and Auto Reporting

Setting Alarm Suppression Status

Checking the Status of Boards

Enabling Performance Monitoring Function

Browsing the Current Bit Error Performance

Checking Historical WDM Performance Events

Querying Current SDH Performance Events

Querying Historical SDH Performance Events

Checking Environment Monitoring Temperature

Querying Optical Power of the Station

Querying Optical Power of the Entire Network

Setting Reference Input Output Optical Power

Setting Ethernet Port Traffic Monitoring

Querying Ethernet Port Traffic Monitoring

Querying IPA Function

Querying the ALC Function

Querying the APE Function

Backing Up Device Data to the NMS Server or the NMS Client

Querying Protection Switching State

Creating NEs in Batches

Setting Communication Parameters of an NE

Modifying the NE ID

Checking Communication Parameters

Creating an NE User

Setting the Node ID

Recovering Device Data from the NMS Server or the NMS Client

Activating the NE Database

Restoring the NE Database from the CF Card

Querying the NE User Management Table

Querying the Node ID of the NE

Manually Backing Up the NE Database to a CF Card

Replacing Board Type

Enabling Disabling the IPA Function

Modifying the NE Name

Creating Fiber Connections Between NEs in Graphic Mode

Creating Internal Fiber Connections of an NE in Graphic Mode

Creating Fiber Connections in List Mode

Adding Ports

Setting Automatic Synchronization of the NE Time with the NMS Time

Backing Up the NE Database to the SCC Board

Creating a Single NE

Switching a Logged-In NE User

Modifying the Optical NE Name

Modifying GNE Parameters

Changing the GNE for NEs

Changing a GNE to a Non-GNE

Changing a Non-GNE to a GNE

Deleting NEs

Configuring the NE Data Manually

Adding Boards

Deleting Boards

Configuring the Standard NTP Key

Synchronizing the NE Time with the Standard NTP Server Time

Setting the Board Performance Threshold

Setting Performance Monitoring Parameters of a Board

Resetting Board Performance Registers

Restoring the NE Database from the SCC Board

Enabling Disabling Supervision on the Optical Layer

Switch the Active standby State Back to the Original State

Switching Protection on NMS

Checking Network-Wide Software Versions

Creating Fibers in the Synchronization Mode

Creating OCh Trails by Trail Search

Creating Single-Station Optical Cross-Connection

Configuring Optical Amplifier Boards

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