OceanStor BCManager V200R001C00 eBackup Event Reference 04

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01-01 0x10E00E0000 Storage Unit Disconnected

01-02 0x10E00E0001 Storage Unit Inaccessible

01-03 0x2010E00E0006 Storage Unit is full

01-04 0x2010E00E0007 Storage Unit is read-only

01-05 0x2010E00E000A The storage unit does not have a matching certificate

01-06 0x2010E00E000B The storage unit was formatted failed

01-07 0x10E00D0000 Current usage of storage pool exceeds threshold

01-08 0x10E00C0000 Insufficient Repository Space

01-09 0x10E00C0001 Repository Usage Exceeds the Threshold

01-10 0x2010E00F0008 Invalid Protected Set

01-100 0x1000F40005 The ESN of the backup server is unavailable in the license file

01-101 0x201000F40004 Trial Period Is About to Expire

01-102 0x201000F40005 Trial Period Has Expired

01-103 0x201000F40007 Resource Item Has Exhausted

01-104 0x201000F40008 Resource Item Is About to Exhaust

01-105 0x201000F4000B Current situation Not Support Features About Dedupe And Compressed

01-106 0x201000F4000C Current situation Not Support Virtual Machine Of VMWare

01-107 0x201000F4000D Current situation Not Support File Level Restore

01-108 0x201000F4000E Left Quantity in Resource Item is Not Enough

01-109 0x201000F40013 Current situation Not Support HA

01-11 0x10E01B0000 Failed to Clean Resources Left by the Backup Plan Deletion Task

01-110 0x201000F40014 Current License Not Support Features About Dedupe

01-111 0x201000F40015 Current License Not Support Features About Remote backup

01-112 0x201000F40016 Current License Not Support Features About Two level backup

01-113 0x201000C90002 Current Time Zone Is Not Supported

01-114 0x201000C9000C Failed to Modify Time Zone

01-115 0x201000C9000E Failed to Synchronize Time Zone

01-116 0x201000C90010 Failed to Synchronize System Configuration Parameters

01-117 0x201000C90009 No NTP Clock Source Configured for Backup Server

01-118 0x201000C9000A Abnormal NTP Service Status in Backup Agent

01-119 0x201000C90024 Abnormal Connection Between the Backup Server and NTP Server

01-12 0x2010E01B000D Number of Backup Vritual Machines in System Reached the Upper Limit

01-120 0x201000C90025 Excessively Large Time Difference Between the NTP Server and Backup Server

01-121 0x201000C90004 Failed to Replace the Web Certificate

01-122 0x201000C90006 Failed to Reset the Web Certificate

01-123 0x201000C90008 Failed to Change the Web Certificate Key File Password

01-124 0x201000C9001C Backup server Upgrading failed and roll back

01-125 0x201000C9001F Upgrading backup proxy( IP ) failed

01-126 0x201000C90020 Upgrading backup proxy partially failed

01-127 0x201000C90021 Failed to Clean the Resources Left by the copy Task

01-128 0x201000C90023 Failed to Clean Resources Left by theV3 Backup or Restore Task

01-13 0x2010E0100006 Invalid Protected Set in the Backup Plan

01-14 0x201000CAA011 Failed to deliver the command for updating the public and private keys of the backup

01-15 0x201000CAA014 Failed to save the public key of the backup server to the backup agent

01-16 0x201000CAA016 Failed to save the public key of the backup agent on backup server

01-17 0x1010E01A0000 Executed Full Backup Instead of Incremental Backup

01-18 0x10E01A0000 When the system automatically schedules the backup plan the backup task of a protected

01-19 0x1010E01A0001 Executed Full Backup for the Disk Instead of Incremental Backup

01-20 0x10E01A0001 Failed to Back Up the protected object

01-21 0x10E01A0002 Failed to Verify the Backup Image Before Incremental Backup

01-22 0x10E01A0003 Failed to Clean Resources Left by the FusionSphere VM Backup Task

01-23 0x10E01A0004 Failed to Clean Resources Left by the VMware VM Backup Task

01-24 0x10E01A0013 Failed to add Backup job

01-25 0x10E01A0014 Failed to detach volume

01-26 0x10E01A0015 Failed to Delete the Volume

01-27 0x10E01A0017 Failed to detach volume

01-28 0x1010E01A0018 CBT Mechanism Fails to Take Effect When Backup Is Performed

01-29 0x10E01A0005 Failed to Perform Disk Restore

01-30 0x10E01A0006 Failed to Restore the protected object

01-31 0x10E01A0007 Failed to Perform File-Level Restore

01-32 0x1010E01A0006 Failed to Perform Incremental Disk Restore

01-33 0x10E01A0008 Failed to Verify backup image Before Restore

01-34 0x10E01A0009 Protected object Restored Is Incomplete

01-35 0x10E01A000A Failed to Clean Resources Left by the FusionSphere VM Restore Task

01-36 0x10E01A000B Failed to Clean Resources Left by the VMware VM Restore Task

01-37 0x10E01A000C Failed to Clean Resources Left by the FusionSphere Disk Restore Task

01-38 0x10E01A000D Failed to Clean Resources Left by the VMware Disk Restore Task

01-39 0x10E01A000E Failed to Clean Resources Left by the File-Level Restore Task

01-40 0x10E01A0016 Failed to Rename protected object by the Restore Task

01-41 0x10E01C0000 Failed to Add the Backup Proxy

01-42 0x10E01C0001 Versions of the Backup Proxy and Backup Server Are Incompatible

01-43 0x2010E01C0004 Sum Backup Proxy in System Reached the Upper Limit

01-44 0x1010E01C0003 Failed to add HA member

01-45 0x1010E01C0005 Failed to Change the HA Parameters

01-46 0x1010E01C0007 Failed to Delete HA member

01-47 0x10E01C0002 The primary and standby parameters are inconsistent As a result the HA function is abno

01-48 0x10E01C0003 The primary standby switchover restriction fails to be canceled As a result the HA func

01-49 0x10E01C0004 Heartbeat lost between primary and standby node

01-50 0x10E01C0005 Syncronize files from primary node to standby node failed

01-51 0x10E01C0006 Switchover from primary node to standby node

01-52 0x10E01C0009 Quorum gateway is nureachable

01-53 0x10E01C000A Failed to syncronize data between database

01-54 0x10E01C000B The database role fails to switch from standby to primary

01-55 0x10E01C000C Failed to force to start service

01-56 0x10E01C000D Failed to force to stop service

01-57 0x10E01C000E Service of AdminNode is abnormal

01-58 0x10E01C000F Service of FloatIP is abnormal

01-59 0x10E01C0010 Service of GaussDB is abnormal

01-60 0x10E01C0011 Service of ibase is abnormal

01-61 0x10E01C0027 Abnormal Process

01-62 0x1000C90000 Connections Lost Between the Backup Proxy and Backup Server

01-63 0x10E0140000 Failed to Connect to the Protected Environment

01-64 0x10E0140001 Failed to Scan a Protected Environment

01-65 0x2010E0140009 VMware Host Disconnected

01-66 0x2010E014000C The protected environment does not have a matching certificate

01-67 0x101000C90001 Failed to Back Up the System Database

01-68 0x101000C90002 System Has Exited Restricted Mode

01-69 0x101000C90003 Space Usage of System Metadata Exceeds the maximum Threshold

01-70 0x101000C90004 Space Usage of System Metadata Exceeds the Threshold

01-71 0x101000C9000A User Acted Beyond Authority

01-72 0x1000C90002 Failed to Access the Shared Storage for Backup Data of System Database

01-73 0x1000C90003 Space Usage of Shared Storage for Database Backup Exceeds the Upper Limit

01-74 0x1000C90004 Type of Mounted Shared Storage for Database Backup Is Inconsistent with the Preset Type

01-75 0x1000C90005 The Storage for Management Data Backup Is Not Configured

01-76 0x1000C90006 No Certificate Is Matching With The Storage Of The Management Data Backup

01-77 0x1000C9000B The log file is excessively large

01-78 0x10E01A0010 No VM Metadata in the Backup Image

01-79 0x10E01A0011 Metadata Is Corrupted in the Backup Image

01-80 0x2010E01A0008 Corrupted Blocks in Backup Image Have Been Detected

01-81 0x2010E01A000A Failed to Delete the Backup Image

01-82 0x10E01A0012 Failed to Clean Resources Left by the Backup Image Deletion Task

01-83 0x2010E01A000E Failed to Verify the Backup Image Task

01-84 0x2010E01A0013 Failed to Retrieve the Backup Image Job

01-85 0x101000310001 Failed to Dump Event Logs

01-86 0x201000310003 Failed to Export All Events

01-87 0x1000310000 Event Dump Directory Size Is Over Limit

01-88 0x1000310001 Failed to Send Alarms by Email

01-89 0x201000310009 Failed to Export All Alarms

01-90 0x20100031000A No Matching Certificate of OC

01-91 0x20100031000B Emails do not have a matching certificate

01-92 0x201000310010 Failed to Access the ManageOne OperationCenter server

01-93 0x1000F40000 Invalid License File

01-94 0x101000F40000 Unmatched License ESN

01-95 0x101000F40001 Unmatched License File Version

01-96 0x1000F40001 License File Does Not Exist

01-97 0x1000F40002 License Has Expired

01-98 0x1000F40003 License Grace Period Has Expired

01-99 0x1000F40004 Failed to Activate License During Initialization

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