Agile Controller EEM V200R009C00 Alarm Handling

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01-01 EEM_103104605 Dump Files of the Alarm Module Are Deleted

01-02 EEM_103104606 Dumping of the Alarm Module Is Successful

01-03 EEM_103104607 Dumping Fails Because the Dumping Path Does Not Exist

01-04 EEM_103104609 The Database Disk Usage Reaches the Threshold

01-05 EEM_103104610 The Database CPU Usage Reaches the Threshold

01-06 EEM_103104611 The Database Memory Usage Reaches the Threshold

01-07 EEM_103104612 The Delay for Data Synchronization Between Active and Standby Databases Reaches the Th

01-08 EEM_103104613 The Database Tablespace Usage Reaches the Threshold

01-09 EEM_103104614 The Alarm Module Does Not Perform the Dumping Operation

01-10 EEM_103104615 The Data Module Does Not Perform the Dumping Operation

01-11 EEM_103104616 The Data Statistics Module Does Not Perform the Dumping Operation

01-12 EEM_103104617 The Fault Statistics Module Does Not Perform the Dumping Operation

01-13 EEM_103104618 The Work Order Module Does Not Perform the Dumping Operation

01-14 EEM_103104619 The Device Online Statistics Module Does Not Perform the Dumping Operation

01-15 EEM_103104620 Dump Files of the Data Statistics Module Are Deleted

01-16 EEM_103104621 Dump Files of the Fault Statistics Module Are Deleted

01-17 EEM_103104622 Dump Files of the Data Module Are Deleted

01-18 EEM_103104623 Dump Files of the Work Order Module Are Deleted

01-19 EEM_103104624 Dump Files of the Device Online Statistics Module Are Deleted

01-20 EEM_103104625 Data of the Data Module Is Successfully Dumped

01-21 EEM_103104626 Data Statistics About the Data Statistics Module Are Successfully Dumped

01-22 EEM_103104627 Fault Statistics About the Fault Statistics Module Are Successfully Dumped

01-23 EEM_103104628 Work Order Information About the Work Order Module Is Successfully Dumped

01-24 EEM_103104629 Device Online Statistics About the Device Online Statistics Module Are Successfully Du

01-25 EEM_103104630 The MongoDB Certificate Is About to Expire

01-26 EEM_103104631 The OMM Certificate Is About to Expire

01-27 EEM_103104632 The AKKA Certificate Is About to Expire

01-28 EEM_103104633 The INFINISPAN Certificate Is About to Expire

01-29 EEM_103104634 The ZOOKEEPER Certificate Is About to Expire

01-30 EEM_1110000114 The License Is Not Loaded

01-31 EEM_1110000115 The License Is About to Expire

01-32 EEM_1110000116 Invalid License

01-33 EEM_1110000119 The ESN of the Trial License Is Not Matched

01-34 EEM_1110000120 The System Resource Usage Is High

01-35 EEM_1110000127 The Cluster Node Fails

01-36 EEM_1110000130 The Database Cluster Fails

01-37 DCP_103104501 The Database Is Offline

01-38 DCP_103104502 FTP Access Failure

01-39 DCP_103104503 DCP Restart

01-40 DCP_103104504 High CPU Usage

01-41 DCP_103104505 The System Memory Is Insufficient

01-42 DCP_103104506 The Remaining Disk Space Is Insufficient

01-43 DCP_103104507 The Cache Is Updated Successfully

01-44 DCP_103104508 The Cache Fails to Be Updated

01-45 DCP_103104509 Logs Are Uploaded Successfully

01-46 DCP_103104510 Logs Fail to Be Uploaded

01-47 DCP_103104511 The Load Balancer Fails to Be Connected

01-48 DCP_103104512 The Number of TCP Connections Exceeds the Maximum

01-49 DCP_103104411 Unknown device

01-50 DCU_103104402 The Terminal Cover Is Opened

01-51 DCU_103104403 Terminal Hardware Exception

01-52 DCU_103104410 The Terminal Fails to Be Authenticated

01-53 DCU_103104412 Alarm About Terminal Clock Difference Exceeding

01-54 DCU_103104608 Meter Profiles Are Inconsistent

01-55 DCU_103104434 Configuration Damage Event

01-56 DCU_103104436 Profile Damage Event

01-57 DCU_103104437 Log Failure Event

01-58 DCU_103104416 CHIP Wi-Fi Fault

01-59 DCU_103104413 The Terminal Power Cover Is Opened

01-60 DCU_103104417 PCA9548 Fault

01-61 DCU_103104420 PCA9511 Fault

01-62 DCU_103104422 Sensor Fault

01-63 DCU_103104423 Hub Fault

01-64 DCU_103104424 USB SRV05 Fault

01-65 DCU_103104426 PLC Chip Fault

01-66 DCU_103104427 Clock Fault

01-67 DCU_103104428 Terminal Power-off

01-68 DCU_103104429 A Whitelist Fails to Be Added

01-69 DCC_103104435 RTC Battery Alarm

01-70 DCC_103104431 Temperature Sensor Chip Alarm

01-71 DCC_103104432 UIU Alarm

01-72 DCC_103104433 Alarm About Low Voltage of the Battery

01-73 DCC_103104415 Alarm About Battery Fault

01-74 DCC_103104425 RF Module Fault Alarm

01-75 DCC_103104419 Alarm About MCU Fault

01-76 DCC_103104421 Alarm About Ethernet PHY Fault

01-77 Meter_113104003 Meter Cover Opening

01-78 Meter_113104010 Alarm About Meter Clock Difference Exceeding

01-79 Meter_113104011 Alarm About Battery Undervoltage

01-80 Meter_113104013 Alarm About the Repeater Fault

01-81 Meter_113104301 Alarm for Long Logout of a PLC Meter

01-82 Meter_113104002 Meter Cover Opening

01-83 Meter_113104017 Alarm About Communication Module Removal and Reinstallation

01-84 Meter_113104302 Modular Meter Box Opening

01-85 Meter_113104303 Meter Removal and Reinstallation of the Modular Meter

01-86 Meter_103104430 The Mapping Between Slot IDs and IDs of Electrical Meters Is Inconsistent

01-87 Meter_103104441 Alarm About High or Low Temperature of the Modular Meter

01-88 Meter_103104442 The Modular Meter Is Installed Incorrectly

01-89 Meter_113104437 GPRS Meter Information Fails to Be Collected

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