FAQ-How much is the memory of MA5200 for alarms

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Issue Description
Q: How much is the memory of MA5200 for alarms?

Alarm Information

Handling Process
For MA5200F R007, its memory (SRAM) could cache 100 pieces of information, and the overflow will be saved in flash:/ic/normaltrap.txt, of which the maximum byte of file  is 1M;

For MA5200G VRP3.30, its memory (SRAM) defaults to cache 256 pieces of information, and it could be changed by the following command
[MA5200G]info-center trapbuffer size x

Overflows are recorded in log, so alarms could be saved in hard-disk log (hd:/logfile/). The hard disk is 20G, so that how many alarms are recorded depends on memory.  

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